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I am not Greg Brown or Tom Waits! - nhpeacenik
I am not Greg Brown or Tom Waits!
Leaving this morning to do the radio show after several days with the flu, and sounding very much like, who knows, the older Leonard Cohen or the young Tom Waits,  I wondered if people would believe me when I said I was actually Jimmy. Surprisingly, just getting in front of the mike did wonders for my voice... this is one of the little-known miracles of radio :)

Another symptom of the flu that I'm having a harder time with is a recurring and lingering irrational depressed feeling, so that even thoughts and songs  that normally make my heart leap with joy leave me thinking "maybe all that was just an illusion and now I'm just seeing the boring reality of it all". I was jolted out of that state shortly before 1:00 pm when a female voice, accompanied by ukelele, came on the air. I thought it was a new song by Jolie Holland that I hadn't heard before. I was mesmerized until the CD started skipping. I asked the DJ if he could start it again on a better CD deck,  and he obliged. It was not Jolie Holland, but a Canadian group whose name starts with "Sweet". [Late edit: actually it's a Brooklyn-based performer named Sweet Soubrette, a.k.a. Elia Bisker; the song is Siren Song, ad its FREELY DOWNLOADABLE at the MySpace site] I realized when it was over that  the world is indeed full of  wonderful things and people to fall in love with at every moment, and it never ends. Just because I sometimes can't keep up doesn't mean that reality won't strike again.

And today, keeping up was the issue. Can you believe I was offered another research job when I'm falling so badly behind with the ones I'm already doing? And about ten different events are all happening next weekend! And I find myself wanting to just go to sleep.
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sand_inmyshoes From: sand_inmyshoes Date: April 13th, 2008 08:43 pm (UTC) (Link)
oh! sleep and get better. don't be sick! or sad... you're coming to visit me soon, that should make you happy!
nhpeacenik From: nhpeacenik Date: April 13th, 2008 10:47 pm (UTC) (Link)
Actually . I'm feeling better now, but there was a point where I went insane trying to do the new research project and finally gave up and told the Professor I couldn't do it) and did some work on the original project instead (and then slept a while). In any case, you might like Sweet Soubrette; she has a few free songs on MySpace and one on last-fm.
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