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Georges Brassens, Leon Rosselson and Utah Phillips - nhpeacenik
Georges Brassens, Leon Rosselson and Utah Phillips
On Leon Rosselson's latest (highly-recommended) album A Proper State, there is a song named The Ghost of Georges Brassens. The song is an inspiring tribute to one of Rosselson's mentors, Georges Brassens, who escaped a Nazi slave labor camp in France by going underground among the poor and remained in that refuge until the day he died. Rosselson was experiencing a depressing day, turned on the radio and heard
... the sort of crap that music hacks acclaim
I vowed to never write another song,...
Suddenly, the ghost of George Brassens appeared and told him
You shouldn't give up yet...
Until the age of 31 I never earned a cent...
I never wrote for money and I never wanted fame
and if my songs had never earned a sou
I'd have written them just the same...
This lust for money and possessions has'nt done the world much good
Friendship, les copains, that's what matters in the end
And the thing that I'm most proud of is I never lost a friend.
For me song has a value that money cannot buy...

I died too soon, with many songs unborn, and that's my one regret ...
Yesterday, I found  the same sentiments expressed by Utah Phillips in his last letter to his friends a KVMR, the community radio station in Nevada City:

The folk music family took me in, carried me along, and taught me the value of song far beyond making a living. It taught me that I don't need wealth, I don't need power and I don't need fame. What I need is friends, and that's what I found - everywhere...

The future, I don't know. But I  have songs in a folder I've never paid attention to, and songs inside me waiting for me to bring them out. Through all of it , up and down, it's the song. It's always been the song.

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Current Music: Leon Rosselson, "The Ghost of Georges Brassens"

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