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There is a crack in everything: That's how the light gets in - nhpeacenik
There is a crack in everything: That's how the light gets in
Ring the bell that can still ring,
Put aside your perfect sacrifice.
There is a crack in everything.
Thats how the light gets in.

Brian Visiondanz just alerted me to this video of Leonard Cohen singing his "Anthem" at the Glastonbury Festival in England a week or so ago. He is every bit as captivating a singer and songwriter as I remember him being decades ago. Brian also provides a moving quote from a World War Two era elder who watched the performance and told how he sees the world descending into chaos again and hopes we can prevent it this time.

when i was young (a teenager) i was very angry with my parents about
many things, but one thing i was very angry about was the fact that
they were there during the build up to the second world war, and they
did nothing to stop it

my father told me that they were just told one day that they were at
war and that was it!

instead of going out to party at night, or sit at home and watch TV,
my mother would have to go out at night terrified having put out the
incendiary (fire0 bombs with sand, that were dropped on Birmingham to
light up the buildings during the black out so that the bombers could
see where to drop their high explosives - she was terrified, bur it
was her job (service) to do it - it was a matter of survival.
For the
rest of her days she would jump with fear every time she heard a

My father's nights out were spent on ack ack guns, shooting the german
planes out of the sky, defending the city where he lived.
One night,
the gun he was operating was hit by a bomb and a piece of shrapnel
(searing hot metal) hit him in the head and he was blinded for two
He was disfigured by a deep indentation in his forehead for
the rest of his life.

when i was a child he would walk around in agony holding his head, in
and out of hospital for years.
His pain level was so high he had no
tolerance for a childs fun and frolic, which impacted my ability to
know what it was like to be able to play freely.

This was a common scenario in those days

a whole generation and subsequent reverberations impacred by horrors
that you and I have no understanding of.

and this was nothing, I grew up around survivors of the concentration
camps and absorbed the the unspeakable experiences that the adults
around me had experienced, it was irrevocably etched on their faces,
in their eyes and on their psyche.

One generation earlier, our society was also plunged without anyone's
choice into the first world war.

My grandfather spent YEARS in the trenches in europe, living in
labrynths of ditches, wet, rats, dead and dying, pain and blood all
around, never knowing whether the next explosion was going to be his
death or injury

total hell!

when he came back to enland after the war ended, he came back to a
child (my father) that he had never met ans was expected to father him
after experiencing such an intense drama

there was no therapy in those days, it was a widespread situation

we are all prisioners of war.

As it all fades away, all of a sudden we are back there again, this
time around it will be a ziillion more times intense.

In the 60's, there was an awakening in our culture and a mass
medication (lsd) that shook everything apart
and we had a glimpse of a world rooted in love and consciousness - we
saw that the emporer had no clothes, the system ythat was in place was
built with foundations of sand, rooted in illusion/delusion - we saw
the envirinmental reality longe before anyone began to listen.

we threw everything away to live free

many of us made a life long commitment to live by that standard and to
work for a world that has left war behind.

the system hit back at us with guns, riot police, batons, misinformation

this is still in process - the hippy awakening was right on, it threw
society into an identity crisis and in its backlash, it threw
everything at us to maintain the status quo, evern though that staus
quo is destined to fail - created a negative conversation to discredit
the hippy generation which continues to this day

there has been no instruction manual - we have learned love and peace
is not alway luvvy dubby
that all behavior is not "cool man"
some is distinctly NOT cool and has to be addressed, because there is
a cause and effect spiral.

that injustice leads to war

so, manyt of you in this group are the next generation and the next
but one generation from me, jeff, fraser etc and will not have this
direct experience to draw upon, and by the same token will not have
been so contaminated by it.

the experience of the elders must be blended with the un contamination
of the youth,
The two aspects must work together to avoid this rapidly accelerating
nose dive into global warfare.

Thanks for the leonard cohen song jeff, i was there and the audience
dissolved into tears - young and old both for that song and this one
which i feel is an essential message that leonard cohen shared with us
at the glastonbury feastival

"ring the bell that can still ring,
put aside your perfect contribution.

There is a crack in everything.

Thats how the light gets in"

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