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McKenzie River Diary, Summer 1946, part 10 - nhpeacenik
McKenzie River Diary, Summer 1946, part 10
[ a continuation of Bets Giddings's McKenzie River journal from 1946. To find all the entries click here]

June 24, 1946: [Aklavik, Northwest Territories, Canada] Went to the Post Office for the first mail in two months. He said two girls had left on the plane from next door. We went to a little restaurant, "The Igloo", and asked about a room. It was 2x4 and dirty, because the girls had left in twenty minutes, but I cleaned it up, and they brought us ice-water and were real nice. We had breakfast and felt better. Louie worked all day on his tree-rings, to mail his borings before leaving. We talked to Mike O'Donnell, a character in a squirrel parka, about the coast. He said our present skiff would be better than a canoe ( a canoe bottom would tear up on the ground from beachings). This makes us happy, as we've come to love The Goose and know her ways. We'll have to get a 5 horsepower kicker and five or six drums of gas. Where on earth we'll put these, I can't say, but everyone agrees there are no traders or Indinas who could sell us gas along the coast to Barrow.Louie talked to a Husky about his going to Herschel Island if we got him two drums of gas, but nothing has developed. They all want to wait here ten days or so for the Hudsons Bay Company boat. and fresh stuff to load up on before going out seal [ hunt for seals in the salt water].

A wind blew up in the evening and scared away bufgs for a while. Had pie-a-la-mode bigod! What a treat!. People make ice cream of condensed and evaporated milk and freeze it with gas motors. Indians and Eskimos gobble it up. The nice picture is a huge Eskimo in a parka with fur-lined hood, standing eating a cone and playing cowboy music on the big jukebox.  in the hotel.

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