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Global Warming - the Technofix Debate - nhpeacenik
Global Warming - the Technofix Debate
The latest issuee of the New Internationalist features a debate between two well-informed people about what kind of approach we need to take to reverse global warming. I really wish this debate could be read more widely, especially in the US, where most media outlets are still treating Global Warming as something that may or may not even exist (note that the new Republican Vice-Predidential candidate is a Global-Warming-denier).

Should we try massive engineering techniques that might sequester CO2, or should we rely on energy conservation, frugality and alternaive energy innovations to get us through the crisis and back below 350 PPM? I tend to fall into the conservation camp, but both these people make good points. The massive techno-fixes look like they are the kind of thing the current big-money players are use to carrying out, and I suspect they would bring huge profits to companies like Monsanto and Halliburton, serving as an alternative to war profits and environmental destruction. Now it might be great if we could cut down on warfare and wean these predatory giants onto something more beneficial, but then again, I assume they would carry the new ecofixes beyond a reasonable level in order to lock in profits, causing ordinary people all kinds of harm in the process.

I want tro thank NI for making this debate avaialble to the general public on the web rather than keeping for subscribers only. Please read it.

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