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Water over the dam - nhpeacenik
Water over the dam
Since the closing of the University Avenue bridge in Lowell, traffic has been a nightmare. Students have to get from North Campus to South Campus and back, and the walk is more than a mile, so cars are jamming the streets leading to the alternate bridges.

I was waiting at a traffic light yesterday morning as I arrived on North Campus and had the wonderful privilege of just watching the undulating brownish-green water of the Merrimack flow over the dam. I found myself merging with the flowing water and sensing its long journey from the New Hampshire mountains to the sea at Newburyport . The feeling is indescribable, and there are very few days when the water over the dam has this kind of aspect. I was so FORTUNATE to be present at that place and time, and I owe it all to what, on the surface, appears to be an engineering and planning disaster.

As the light changed and I moved on, I thought,  "I wish I had a movie camera that could capture this sight!," but then I realized that no picture and no video could capture the sensation I had just had. I was privileged to spend an infinite unrepeatable moment in the now. May there be many more such moments for us all!

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