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Tomato! - nhpeacenik
My cousins got me to sign up for a site called goodreads.com where people list the books they are reading, have read, and want to read and comment on them. Lately my few goodreads friends have all been scarfing down a book a week, and I have been left in the dust. Denise, my librarian wife, polishes off about three books a week, but I find that I hardly read books at all these days. Mostly magazines and blogs. It's strange because I'm sitting here surrounded by books whose titles leap out at me... Bertrand Russell, Rita Mae Brown, W. Edwards Deming, Emma Goldman; to list only those that happen to be on top of the pile next to me at the moment.

When I pick up a book these days, it tends to be small quantities of poetry or mystic writings. Denise says I'm practicing "lectio divina", but that might just be putting "lipstick on the pig" of intellectual laziness. :) 

I have been reading a lot of Pablo Neruda in Spanish the last few weeks,,, Odas Elementales is sitting next to the toilet, and I've been failrly systematinc in reading poems from it that I haven't read in years. A couple of days ago I became acutely aware that the two weeks of the year when Brandywine tomatoes were abundant had come to an end, and that there would be no more of these indescribably piquant, flavorful but bumpy and misshapen lumps of joy for another year. By chance, the poem I chose to read was Pablo Neruda's "Oda Al Tomate", and I wanted to share it here. I found a very good side-by-side translation of the poem on the Web at http://www.soupsong.com/ftomato2.html

An interesting video of the poem is at:

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