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Are the mammals striking back? - nhpeacenik
Are the mammals striking back?
Yesterday, on Google News, I saw two headlines side-by-side. On the right it said "One-quarter of Mammal Species to go Extinct". Beside the headline was a picture of a tiger. On the other side of the page was the headline "Ten Killed in Tiger Suicide Attack". For a brief period, my mind was filled with an image of a tiger clawing at a line of armed police, knowing he'd be killed, but bravely lashing out at the species that was about to wipe out his family. (I realized seconds later that the Tigers in the second headline were human guerillas in Sri Lanka).

Of course, non-human mammals don't really engage in suicide or revenge, not even the most endangered or the most intelligent of them, spotted owls, wolverines, dolphins... Maybe it's only a restraint born of their awareness of the unbreakable connection of all species. Maybe we humans have some learning to do about our interconnectedness.

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