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"Things that Matter" - nhpeacenik
"Things that Matter"
This morning, I've been singing as much as I can remember of Dani Fine's (kindnessrejoice ) delightful song "You are Important for Real", a.k.a. "Things that Matter" (available to listen at http://www.myspace.com/danifineporcupine). It goes something like:
Things that matter are everywhere
From the sound of your voice to the shape of your hair. ...
The sound of a voice and the shape of someone's hair are both made up partly of innate (god-given?) characteristics, partly of intention, and partly of chance.  Voice is probably a lot more stable than hair for most of us. Yes, we can take voice lessons or practice public speaking, but basically anyone we knew as a teenager is likely to keep recognizing our voice when we're. say, sixty. On the other hand the shape of our hair reflects our intention much more strongly. We may change color, go from straigtht to curly to corn-rows to dreadlocks, short to long and back again as we grow and change. It's both a struggle and a liberation to watch the hair of a friend or loved-one change, and to grow to love the new configuration just as it changes again.

I'm reminded of a verse from the Incredible String Band's "Maya" (lyricwiki.org/The_Incredible_String_Band:Maya) :

In time her hair grew long and swept the ground
And seven blackbirds carried it out behind
It bore the holy imprint of her mind
As green-foot slow she moved among the seasons

It does indeed bear the holy imprint of a mind, and I want to always rmember  to affirm the hair-shape and the innermost worthiness of each friend and acquantance with as much certainty as Dani does in her song.

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