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I Gaze INto the World... - nhpeacenik
I Gaze INto the World...
The other day Denise asked me if I could recite the morning verse that is recited in unison each morning at High Mowing School, the Waldorf school our daughter attended. I couldn't get beyond the first two lines. I promised to try to find it. I knew I  had Beulah Emmet's book somewhere in the house and it contained the verse, and I figured if I couldn't  locate the book, there was always the trusty internet. But I forgot, and days went by.

This morning on the radio, one of my co-hosts interviewed the webmaster of a new photo-documentary site called SocialDocumentary.net , whose first offering was a set of six photographs taken by photographer Anabel Clarke at Goderich Waldorf School in impoverished Freetown, Sierra Leone. A Waldorf school in one of the poorest, most-war-torn countries on Earth! I was intrigued and took a look at their website http://www.goderichwaldorf.org/ .

I was motivated to get on the net and find the morning verse, and here it is:

I gaze into the world
In which the sun is shining,
In which the stars are sparkling,
In which the stones repose,
Where living plants are growing,
Where sentient beasts are living,
Where Man, soul-gifted,
Gives the Spirit a dwelling place.
I gaze into my soul
That lives within my being.
The World Creator weaves
In sun light and in soul light,
In world space there without,
In soul depths here within.
To thee, Creator Spirit,
I will now turn my heart
To ask that the strength and the blessing
To learn and to work
May grow within my inmost being.

I'm sitting here drinking some of the fine unpasteurized cider from our CSA farm and looking out the window at the now-bare branches of the trees. Last Friday, all the oak trees lost their leaves in the wind and they formed a carpet on the dirt road to our house. You might enjoy this entry from Gordon Peery's blog if you want to know more about the feel of High Mowing and the joys of unpasteurized cider in the New England Fall. I'm normally a teetotaler, but I make an exception for fizzy cider this time of year, which comes highly recommended.

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