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I Type Too Loudly, Apparently :) - nhpeacenik
I Type Too Loudly, Apparently :)
Having lost electricity and phone at home, I've been forced to do a lot more work at my office on campus. One of my co-workers, a programmer from China whose desk is next to mine, told me I type too loudly. Apparently it's so loud it hurts his ears. I wasn't aware of this; I was just typing the way I always have. Has everybody I've ever worked with been driven around the bend by the sound of my typing and just been too polite to mention it?

I learned to type (badly) on a Royal portable when I was a kid, and if I didn't hit the keys hard enough, the ribbon wouldn't advance and eventually the letters would start being invisible. Every typewriter I ever had had a different personality, but all of them required some "heavy hitting" (no that's not the phrase I'm looking for exactly),... "strong typing" (soounds too C++)? Anyway, I'm not convinced I can become aware of this after so many years of "habit-forming" (also not exactly the phrase that's called for).

There was a considerable amount of apologizing on both sides. I suggested I could get him some earplugs. Maybe I should get a foam pad to put under the keyboard. I confess I left the office feeling angry? insulted?. I know this is just my ego trying to turn this into a personal issue, when it's really an opportunity to learn a new kind of sensitivity.

I long to get back to my home computer where I can listen to music and let my fingers tap out a rhythm that's pleasing to me without impinging on anybody else's enjoyment or concentration.

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