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The Detritus and Arches Revealed by Melting Snow - nhpeacenik
The Detritus and Arches Revealed by Melting Snow
Last December, we had an ice-storm that brought down more trees and limbs than anyone now living could remember. Much of the debris was immediately entombed in piles of ice-panes and ice-chunks that fell from the surviving branches a few days later, and then covered over with smooth white snow. The trees that survived formed a Winter  forestscape that was subtly different from what it had been before... The vertical lines of trunks and the horizontal branches were now intertwined with diagonals and arches. Many of the arches were birches, and I was reminded of Robert Frost's poem Birches, where he acknowledges the naturalistic truth and then goes on to insist that a fantastical explanation was more satisfying.

As the snow recedes, we see signs of devastation, signs of impending life, and glimpses of beauty.

Birch Arches over cart-track at top of ridge, Greenville NH March 20, 2009

Birch Arches and falen limb, Greenville NH March 20, 2009

The Muddy Road Up the Hill to Our House March 20, 2009

Mossy Vernal Pool  irises out of the snow bank Greenville NH March 20 , 2009

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