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Remember and Honor the Lost Cherry Tree - nhpeacenik
Remember and Honor the Lost Cherry Tree
Today a crew of men came to our house and cut down a 60-foot cherry tree that rose one foot from the corner of our house.

For a couple of decades, I have looked forward to that time in late Summer when the back porch was covered with tiny red fruits that tasted so sweet when I popped them in my mouth. Each winter, ice storms have robbed the tree of a branch or two, and it was getting so there were not many places where leaves and fruit could come out at all. This winter's ice-storm was its doom. All its branches were cracked or lying on the ground, and there was no way to support its enormous bulk with just two or three leaves. Here are some before and after pictures I took with my (pardon) inadequate little camera this morning.

Tthe tree top with branches broken

more pictures...




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