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Living in the Computer Stoneage - nhpeacenik
Living in the Computer Stoneage
While searching for any (ANY!) documentation about a software package Denise has to use at the library where she works, called "Librarian's Helper", I ran across this interesting blog/bulletin-board called " Horrible ancient software that never seems to evolve, but you are forced to use..." (http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/archive/index.php/t-277310.html) .

The quote that caught my eye was from a poster named zsofia:

09-23-2004, 07:56 PM
Oh god. I'm the lone sole (lonely!) librarian at an art museum, so not only am I in a forgotten department by myself, I work in the non-profit sector. To do the cards for the card catalog (yes you heard me right) I have to beg and tickle and feed grapes to this DOS program called "The Librarian's Helper". It dosen't even work with even moderately recent cataloging standards, so to get correct modern cataloging you have to just wing it and print and see what happens. It's green on black, of course, and prints to dot matrix, and it's an adventure. It still keeps coming up with new surprises for me, every day. Of course, I have to use the thing all the time.

They took the computer out of my office because "Special Events' computer died, and they bring money into the museum". Now that computer was old, but it was workable. The workroom computer that we just keep around to print the catalog cards on is now my primary computer. It's like turning a crank to make it work. Of course, I had to clean off all the watersports porn on it from our late unlamented volunteer before I could start trying to coax it into helping me catalog. :eek:

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