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Ros Bobos, 23, Strange Music in Peterborough - nhpeacenik
Ros Bobos, 23, Strange Music in Peterborough
Last week I was aware that the (just passed) weekend would be packed with interesting entertainment that I was going to miss due to silly consistency and commitments and all that. There was a fabulous reggae lineup at Harlow's pub, Duo Live Oak at the Mariposa Museum, Rebecca Rule (of Live Free and Eat Pie fame) at the Temple town hall, the Starving Artists Cheap Art sale...,
but I totally missed the fact that a two-day festival of strange music was happening too.

I read about it in the paper on Sunday morning, and realized that I'd missed The Low Anthem, who played as part of the lineup on Saturday night. Determined not to miss the whole thing, I dragged Denise into town after Meeting to see the afternoon show in front of the Toadstool.
It was worth it. We arrived just after "23" started to play. It's hard to describe what they do... there were three guys sitting at a table piled high with electronic junk and miscellany (including a Furby), that set up standing waves of interference that they skillfully molded into rhythms and harmonies. The sounded a little like o be joyful . The high-quality amplifier and speakers let the electronic sounds come alive in three-dimensional space, in a way they never quite do in my earphones.

When 23 stopped playing, the next group, Ros Bobos started setting up, and an odd setup it was! By coincidence, they also had a Furby with them, and one member of the band set up an elaborate altar featuring the Furby, a bowl of blue-colored liquid, and numerous tribal objects of veneration. Another worked at a laptop, setting up some interesting peripherals. I caught the eye of the third member of the band, who seemed to be blowing into a microphone-shaped object. By coincidence , the re were electronic sounds coming out of the speakers that reminded me of breathing, so I jumped to the conclusion that he was causing the sounds. He came over and said "Don't I know you?" And I did... he was someone who had lived at the Meeting School a few years before. The object he was holding near his mouth was a tuba mouthpiece, which he later used to good effect.

Rod Bobos recruited me and a number of other ne'er-do-wells to be part of a procession at the start tof the performance. I was outfitted with a green leafy branch to wave wildly over my head and we set out through the startled crowd at a nearby antiques fair, led by my friend playing a clarinet mouthpiece attached to a length of PVC pipe and the others, playing an assortment of other objects. Arriving back at the stage. One of the musicians smudged the four directions and set a smoulldering pot of incense on the keyboard to start the show. It was musical and wordless. It involved howling and gesticulating, playing a singing bowl and a dozen or so other things I'd find it hard to describe. The "lead" then lay down and, submerging his face in the bowl of blue water, bubbled and burbled for a while, with a drumpad under the bowl picking up and amplifying the sounds. He ceremoniously dunked the Furby ito the bowl and took the dripping blue effigy around for each audience member to touch it reverently. Then he got out his didgeridoo and played a while. Suddenly, grabbing the didge and waving it wildly, he ran across the street to th eplace in front of th egas station where two buckets had been placed. As he manipulated the didgeridoo, the buckets started to smoke, then to smoulder, then to emit fireworks and whistling bangs, leading up to a finale. A small girl in the audience burst into tears; I later learned she was his daughter, and she was as surprised by the plot of the show as any of the rest of us!

All told, an afternoon well spent.

Ros Robos 1
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Ros Bobos 2

Ros Bobos 4

Ros Bobos 3

Ros Bobos 6

Ros Bobos 7

os Bobos Altar

Ros Bobos "Clarinet"

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