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Living Oil-Free and even Money-Free - nhpeacenik
Living Oil-Free and even Money-Free
I'm impressed with what Mark Boyle is doing and want to share it with people here at LiveJournal. In short, Mark Boyle has just finished a year living without oil and without the products that are produced and shipped using oil. He has now embarked on a year of living without money. He admits that these things are difficult to do as an isolated individual, but much easier to do in community. Read his article in Resurgence . and then have a look at his website. I think you'll be impressed too. ysabetwordsmith  recently blogged about the "hard" things we need to do in order to live up to our ideals, or even just to survivie. I think this qualifies as a "hard" thing, but he seems to exude equanimity.
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