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We Need More Wind Turbines, Not Less! - nhpeacenik
We Need More Wind Turbines, Not Less!
It seems that Vestas, the world's largest producer of wind turbines is closing down its British plant in the Isle of Wight and laying off 600 people.  I thought that the enlightened British and US governments were turning on the spigots for green energy jobs, but it looks like the management of the for-profit operations involved think we need more coal and nuclear and wind is a dead-end (financially speaking). In the US, the climate bill that just passed the House has given a lot of encouragement to the coal industry, wall street and the forces of the status quo, and even though Britain's energy minister, Mr. Milliband, has been more forthright on the seriousness global warming than his counterpart in the US cabinet, industry seems to have gotten the signal that "You were mistaken, we won't be needing any of those fancy propellers, just more coal, thank you." Greenpeace activists last week occupied Mount Rushmore in protest.  Today, the Vestas workers, fighting to hold on to their jobs as well as to prevent CO2 disaster, have decided to occupy their factory.

Theo, from the radical British folk group Seize the Day has sent out the following call to action for those who are able:

Hi - I just got back from the Buddhafield festival to find this information emailed from workers in the Isle Of Wight (UK). Seems important to me, so I've mailed it on.

Workers at the Vestas Wind Turbine factory on the Isle of Wight have JUST NOW occupied their factory. They are fighting for 600 jobs and the future of the planet. They need help now.

Just when we need a huge expansion in renewable energy they are closing down the only wind turbine factory in the UK. The government has spent billions bailing out the banks, and £2.3 billion in loan guarantees to support the UK car industry – they can and should step in to save the infrastructure we are really going to need to save us from climate catastrophe.


You can help support them by :

SENDING MESSAGES OF SUPPORT via http://savevestas.wordpress.com/


There is a large picket of support starting outside the factory. This will be crucial in giving people confidence inside. We want hundreds of people by morning.
If you are not working, can you come now, by car, bus or train ?
If you are on the South Coast and working, you could come for the night (go to work exhausted and proud !).
If you can’t come, can you call up friends and offer to pay the fare or petrol money for someone else to come down ? Or part of the fare ?


The workers want Gordon Brown to step in as if it was a troubled bank and save the jobs and keep making wind turbine blades. They gave the bankers trillions. They have talked about creating 40,000 "Green Jobs" - the first step should be protecting these 600.

The workers will need solidarity - donations of money, food and other assistance. In the first instance please send messages of solidarity to savevestas@gmail.com

This is much bigger than just Vestas and 600 jobs – this is about showing the government we are not going to let them get away with ‘green jobs’ rhetoric and no action.

But help is urgently needed right now or this opportunity could be lost. So please do what you can – to come or spread the word.


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