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A Dream and thoughts for Dear Ones in Peril - nhpeacenik
A Dream and thoughts for Dear Ones in Peril
All day yesterday, I kept pausing from the "serious" work I was trying to get done and holding friends in the light. Will, my brave fellow worker for an end to war, who has been trying to get a Peace Pole placed on public land in Peterborough has been battling a storm of irrational anger from people who should know better. My friend Nancy has been out of touch for so long that I was sure she was being held against her will, and Leonard Peletier is scheduled to have a full parole hearing finally and he may be freed!

While Denise and I spent a lot of the weekend at and around the Lowell Folk Festival, news came that the Big Green Gathering in England had been cancelled suddenly over trumped-up fears of fire danger, by the local council. The Henry Loius Gates incident in Cambridge has been weighing on my subconscious too, and I know I have to say something organized and positive about the issues it raises on the radio show Wednesday. I contacted a Quaker who runs a radio show in Wisconsin, and may use excerpts from programs he's done on Nikki Giovanni, Alternatives to Violence in Rwanda, and trauma healing for hospitalized veterans.

Last night we went to bed relatively early. An evening thunderstorm caused us to shut down the computers, and Denise drifted off to sleep in her chair as I read to her. She said she wanted to go upstairs to the bed, but that took walking. I said that is's a little known fact that when you are just on the cusp of sleep, you can levitate. "Try it!" You are rising a couple of inches off the chair and starting to glide effortlessly up th e stairwell... it didn't work, but she did manage to get upstairs, and I followed shortly.

At about 3:00 am, a loud voice in my head told me to get up and go out and look at the sky, ... Now! I did go to the door and look up. There were a few silent stars visible, but no compelling vision that I could see. I went back to bed and dreamed that I was listening to a car radio ahd heard that Leonard Peltier had just been released. I was parked outside an official building  made of granite, so I got out of the car and walked up to  the ornate archway door of the building just in time to see Nancy, dressed in a full Native American dress coming out the door toward me. I ran up to hug her. Will did not appear, but probably something good was happening for him.

Then I was in the car headed along country roads to do the early morning radio show. I was sitting in the back seat, strategizing about what to play, and it was all right that the car had nobody in the driver's seat... It knew where it had to go. Oddly, I was headed toward Brattleboro rather than Lowell. As the car came into a village, I vaulted into the front seat just in time to drive up a steep hill about a block long. There was a curb across the road at the top of the hill, and I suddenly saw there were people at the curb. I parked the car, got out and realized the curb was the counter of a diner and the people were all working on making food for the morning shift. It was a good thing I had stopped. The people were friendly and I eventually worked up the nerve to ask how to get to Brattleboro. They told me, then I woke up... Actually time to go to Lowell.

May the blessings of the  dream all be true, and may they permeate the reality of this day and week! One part of the dream has already proven true: Nancy posted her first blog entry in nearly a month today, and she intimates that she was indeed confined against her will, but now free again!

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