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Lowell Folk Festival Pictures (Mostly "Fringe") - nhpeacenik
Lowell Folk Festival Pictures (Mostly "Fringe")
The Sunburst at teh Revolving Museum. Lowell, MA

Denise and I were at the Lowell Folk Festival last weekend, and we spent a lot of time on the "fringes" of the festival, because that is where some of the most interesting music and activity was happening. The Picture above is the sunburst on the historic house adjacent to the Revolving Museum. If I can get cuts to work today, the rest of th epicturesa will be below one.

Sierra Hull, a seventeen-year old mandolin player and singer who has put together her own award-winning bluegrass band was one of the headliners of the show. I was duly impresses with the band's virtuosity and smooth sound, but, as usual, Ionged for a sense of intimacy and spiritual depth that they didn't have.
Sierra Hull's Bluegrass  Band at Boardinghouse Park Stage Friday NIght
I didn't know that Bhangra was an agriculturally-based music/dance tradition for the Punjab region until I saw Boston Bhangra on Sunday. I'd heard the name Bhangra, but I thought it was just another of these obscure genres of trance music popular in Britain. Actually it is more like Morris Dancing with a louder rhthmic accompaniment. The main theme seemed to be the battel of the sexes, with the women in the troupe competing to outdance the  men, but th eunderlying theme was reaping and sowing and fertility.
Bhangra 1
Boston Bhangra 2
Boston Bhangra 3

Boston Bhangra 5
Boston Bhangra 6
Boston Bhangra 7
I return year after year to the Mambo Grill' outdoor seating area to be mesmerized by this Brazialian samba trio, who play the Lowell fringe every year.
The Brazilian Trio at the Mambo Grill
A Cape Verdean traditional dancer was performing outside "Second World" a fair trade shop on Middle Street. She was moving to the sound of pre-recored CDs, but because a loud jam-band was playing at Life Alive next door, you couldn't hear what she was dancing to. She invited people to come up and learn the dances. The dance reminded me of belly-dnacing in some ways, and as a male, I was too shy. I hope she got some takers!
Cape Verdean Dancer Smile
Cape Verdean Dancer 1
Cape Verdean Dancer 2
The absolutely wonderful Lowell-based folk-blues-ukelele group The Bella Birds played at the Brew'd Awakenings Coffee House on Sunday.
The Bella Birds at eh Brew'd Awakenings In Lowell MA
I didn't get pictures of most of the perfomeres we saw, due to forgetfulness and ineptitude, but I suspect there are lots of cellphone-videos available on YouTube by now. If you get a chance, you'll want to see Clara Berry, who played Friday at Life Alive, Thunderpants Johnson, who played at Brew'd Awakenings, among many others

There were quite a few art exhibits, some for kids and families, some participatory, some avant-garde

The Art Bus
Do It Yourself Chalk Paintings
Chalked Sculpin
Chalk Sea Creatures
The Invisible Head at the Revolving Museum
Lowell's most famous scultpure of Mill-Girls taking flight
The Mill Girld in Flight Sculpture


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