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Bon Voyage to Lilredbite! - nhpeacenik
Bon Voyage to Lilredbite!
Dear lilredbite 
I've been enjoying being your friend here on LiveJournal and reading about your adventures. You've taught me so much! I hope you can keep this journal going as you go to new places. I apologize for being late in keeping my promise to make something for you. Since I don't have your snail-mail address,  I guess this picture will have to suffice.
Scan of montage on cherrywood log

The wood is from the huge cherry tree that we had to cut down after the ice-storm last year, and it is turning a nice reddish color. The mountains depicted on the side are our local Mount Monadnock.

I'm impressed at your bravery in the face of the unknown, but I've been through transitions that looked at least this cliff-like and come out alive and at least as happy and free as before, so I'm sure you will too.

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