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Sandy Paton - Rest in Peace - nhpeacenik
Sandy Paton - Rest in Peace
I only just learned that Sandy Paton, co-founder of Folk-Legacy Records and all-round wonderful person died in July at the age of 80. He had been getting older and more frail each year, but I always wanted to see him and sing with him at the New England Folk Festival each Spring. This year he was absent from the festival. I have learned so much music and history from this man, directly by sitting and singing with him and his wife Caroline, and by listening to and reading the liner notes of the albums they published. Much as in the case of Ted Kennedy, I anticipate his guiding hand will not go away, and that generations of people will learn their roots and their craft with his help. I miss him a lot. (see http://www.folk-legacy.com/store/UserMods/about.asp ) for more about his life and family and work, and while you're there, pick up some music!

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