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Small Ice Cream Cone?! - nhpeacenik
Small Ice Cream Cone?!
A "Small Cone" at Kimballs Farm!
We went to Kimball's Ice Cream in Jaffrey after Meeting this afternoon and asked this kind woman to model her "Small" ice cream cone for us. You really ought to see the large one, too, but nobody was being brave enough on this late August afternoon to try that balancing act. They a have a "Kiddy" size that's about what a strong adult ought to be ordering, but that size isn't anywhere on the menu: you just have to know it exists and ask for it.
Kimballs' Price List

Kimballs' Ice Cream Flavors

The place is usually crowded with motorcycles and vintage cars and families of all shapes and sizes. The Jaffrey location is adjacent to the municipal airport, so that plane-watching is a major free attraction, and there are pony rides at the adjacent "Silver Ranch". This spot has always been an old-fashioned New England ice-cream stand, but Kimballs took it over about 12 years ago and made it the extravagant destination it is today. I suspect most people who are there came not  for the food, but for the atmosphere.
Here's me modelling a kiddy-cup of sorbet while squinting in the bright sunlight:
Jimmy Models a Kiddy Cup
Denise stuck with something non-sweet.

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