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You've hear of Corn-Cobs, but Pinecone-Cobs? - nhpeacenik
You've hear of Corn-Cobs, but Pinecone-Cobs?
This morning as we went outside, we noticed a skinny rough sticklike object on the doorstep. On closer examination, we discovered that it was the woody center shaft of a pinecone which had been otherwise entirely chewed away. Looking around the yard a little later, I found dozens of these pine-cone-cobs. Denise thought it was a squirrel who had done the gnawing and dropped the cob carelessly onto the doorstep from the roof above, the way some constructions crews drop beer cans. My first guess was that it had been a porcupine; last month I noticed the plastic handle of our slop-bucket had been chewed away by a porcupine for its salt, as had the bark at the base of a small dying tree. The tiny footprints gave it away.  But that means that a porcupine had reclined, Roman style, to dine on our doorstep last night...
Pine Cone Cob on Step

If we were more resourceful, maybe we'd be opening up these pine cones and extracting the nuts they contain. The gourmet pignolia nuts that fetch such a high price in the store are reputed to be pine-nuts extracted from some kind of pine-cone. I used to collect pinon nuts in the southwest, though those were much larger and easier to extract than these are, and I never tried opening a pinon cone before it had started to dry and make things easier. These are very green.

It's been a wet year, and what with the potato rot (just like the Irish potato famine blight) and the washouts, growing anything has been more difficult for our neighbors who farm. Flowers that were standing proud in full bloom a few days ago were knocked down by the last two days of intense rain. I held a couple of them up to show what they looked like a couple of days ago and to contrast with what they look like today.

Yellow Flowers Supported by Hand
Yellow  Flowers Crushed to th eGround by Yesterday's Rain
Purple Flowers Supported by Hand
Purple Flowers Crushed by Rain

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