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Early Fall at Monadnock Meeting - nhpeacenik
Early Fall at Monadnock Meeting
The Brandywine tomato crop at our CSA farm didn't make it this year, due to the "Irish Potato Famine" blight and the unusually soggy Summer, but on Sunday, someone brought a basket full of them to Meeting to share. I confess I ate a little more than my fair share. When I took this picture, there were still a few left.
Brandywine Tomato Basket at Meeting

This is a time of year to savor, and it is such a shame that my (and everybody's around me) work life insists that we stay inside and worry in front of a computer screen instead of going out and sitting under a tree to eat a ripe tomato and feel the wind on our skin.

Crab Apples

Flowereing shrub
Front flower bed
Meadow Flowers

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