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Finally a Dream - What a Relief - nhpeacenik
Finally a Dream - What a Relief
It's been a fairly stressful week, with the release of the new version of the "Weave" software. There were constant demands on time and blows to ego (not soul-blows, but fairly painful nonetheless). When I woke up this morning and remembered a dream, the awareness suddenly dawned that I have not remembered one for at least a month.

I was at the Sells (Arizona) powow on the Papago reservation with Denise. There was a fiddler playing a one-stringed fiddle. There was a ride on a ferris wheel,  then we were testing out a new model of compact porta-potty that folds up into a 2x2x2 foot cube. There were maybe seven of them lined up behind our car, and we needed to unfold each one, step inside it, and then fold it back up. While we were doing that three kids, two girls and a boy, crept into our car and pretended to be driving it. When they noticed us, they asked us to take them home, somewhere nearby, not far. We agreed, and when we got to the house, we were greeted by a loud-voiced woman who seemed to be the children's mother. We asked her how her kids got to be so brave and she took us out-back and showed us a fireplace. She said she hated to do them any harm, but she had built a magical fire and had the kids walk through it. It made them fearless. She said all kids must be fearless now, because there are so many frightening things they will see.
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