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Climate Obfuscation in the News - nhpeacenik
Climate Obfuscation in the News
The BBC recently published an article entitled What Happened to Global Warming?

The article discusses the paradoxical fact the 1998, not last year, was the warmest year on record. The article attributes this fact to the complexity of the earth's climatic system, in which some long-term cycles in solar radiation and oceanic circulation are leading to cooling while other long-term trends (including CO2 pollution) are leading to heating. Meteorology is complex, but emphasizing these countervailing trends in the mass media at this time in history is potentially very harmful, because most of us are not climate scientists and there is a powerful political/economic interest group trying to convince us that global warming is not happening or is not caused by human actions and therefore should not be combatted by reducing the burning of CO2-emitting fuels. All the article really says is that there are countervailing trends, and that for a couple of decades the undeniable warming trends may (may, not will) be masked by them.

The vast majority of the world's scientists now agree that the carbon-dioxide content of the earth's atmosphere is steadily increasing, year after year, that the human emission of CO2 is the dominant cause of the increase (the increase, not all of it), and that dramatic effects are already being felt. There is agreement that a 4 degree celsius (seven plus degree fahrenheit) increase in global temperatures can be expected by 2060, and that the effects of this will mean the loss of most glaciers and the flooding of many densely-populated coastal regions, not to mention changes in meteorological patterns that humans have depended on for centuries. The United States Congress and the nations that will gather in Copenhagen must not use this kind of popular science reporting to delay urgently-needed action on climate change.

I urge us all to read the valuable and inspiring messages coming from all over the world at 350.0rg
and to remember to take the advice of the coal and oil barons with considerably more than a grain of salt. Let's get the Earth's carbon burden back below 350 parts per million before this powerful trend becomes irreversible.

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