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My Dad the Mammoth Hunter? - nhpeacenik
My Dad the Mammoth Hunter?
Dr. J. Louis Giddings with Mammoth bones
My cousin Paul Dayton of San Diego and his nephew Peter from Colorado visited briefly and helped me sort out some of the bins of old papers from the attic. We found some of my mother's original notes and transcriptions from her Yaqui Myths and Legends project in the 1930's and some evidence Paul wants to use to prove that my father's theory about the "Old Whaling Culture" was correct (there is apparently some unbelievably mean "debunking" being done these days, in which young archaeologists are calling him a liar, and Paul, having been present at some of the discoveries in question was looking for evidence to counter this). We also found a lot of other stuff, including [my mother] Bets's diary from April to June 1946, which is sort of a "prequel" to the McKenzie River diary I have been transcribing elsewhere in this LiveJournal blog. Some of this will be sposted in coming days/weeks, but to start off with, here is a photo of Dad (J. Louis Giddings) seated by a pile of mammoth bones, probably taken in 1949 in the vicinity of Cape Denbeigh, Alaska. I guess that makes him a mammoth hunter, since he was hunting for the remains of the mammoths and their human killers a few millenia after they died.

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