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What do Vulcans and Horseshoe Crabs have in common? - nhpeacenik
What do Vulcans and Horseshoe Crabs have in common?
My friend lilredbite posted a set of photos from the beach in Thailand Malaysia [see comment below] a little while ago lilredbite.livejournal.com/226770.html
including a picture of a horseshoe crab with barnacles on its shell. I was just looking around the googleshphere to see if there were any mentions of barnacles on horseshoe crabs and founda site devoted to horseshoe crabs that had several photos of the two species together. In Rhode Island, growing up, we'd have beaches littered with horseshoe crabs but I didn't recall ever seeing one with barnacles. I wonder if it's a clue to why their numbers are now decreasing worldwide? Anyway, on one page of the site, it was noted that horseshoe crab blood is copper-based, rather than iron-based as is the blood of most creatures on earth, and I immediately thought of Spock's green blood. In the episode "Journey to Babel", the plot revolves around the green blood transfusion needed to save Spock's father's life. So the answer is - blood based on copper oxide!

Male Horseshoe Crab with Barnacles from horseshoe-crabs.com
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