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McKenzie River Diary, Summer 1946, part 6 - nhpeacenik
McKenzie River Diary, Summer 1946, part 6
[ reminder - this is a slow-motion transcription of my mother's journal from her 1946 "honeymoon" on Canada's arctic McKenzie River.  I just discovered that if you want to boat down the McKenzie these days, you can find a pdf file describing the twists and turns and rapids etc. at this official NWT government website]

June 19, 1946 Woke at 6:00 a.m. to hear a headwind begin. We jumped out and tried to get the huge boat up on skids. It was all we could do to get her nose out and the rest of her on poles. Baby breakers were coming in. They would splash a little onto the stern, but we at least had her so she didn't pound. Louie worked in tree-rings; I cooked things and did a wash. Hoping it would calm at night, we bedded down early to get ahead on some sleep. waves roared like the ocean all night, however.

June 20, 1946 Another day wind-bound. I walked back in the brush on a wide game trail till I came to a big snare, right across the path! Later we walked along the beach a mile or two. Lupine all over in bloom.  After blowing 24 hours, the wind became frigid, telling of the ice-pack it blows off of. We went to bed to keep warm.

[ The picture that follows is some miscellaneous material that was left in the pages of the journal. The photo is probably a historical photo from the McKenzie, printed in a magazine or brochure at about the time of the Bets and Louie's voyage. The map may show an area of rapids on the river or a tributary. The birch-bark birth announcement was probably made in Fairbanks later in 1946, once Bets knew she was going to have a baby but didn't know my name or gender yet.  ]
map, birchbark birth announcement, paddle boat on river

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