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Turtle Stuff - nhpeacenik
Turtle Stuff
Turtles are a big part of my dream life these days; maybe I have some unknown connection to the turtle clan. Sometimes they appear in my waking life as well.
Animated Gif of snapping turtle jerking too fast
This Fall we encountered a large moss-backed snapping turtle crossing the road near our house. I managed to make a short video of him/her, and that led me to some experiments with the still frames of the video. I've made a number of animated gif files in the past, but the quality of the image degrades when it is changed from a jpg or png file to a gif. Now there is an animated png technology that lets me keep image quality and still animate the picture (http://animatedpng.com/index.php/assembler/). If you look at this picture in Internet Explorer it looks like a regular png, but if you're using Firefox 3, you see the turtle jitter.

My avatar comes from a picture in the 1915 children's book Billy Popgun by Milo Winter. I love this image inordinately, and I have dreamed numerous times of riding on a turtle back like this.
Riding Old Mossback to the Bottom of the Pond

Here is the video of the snapping turtle:

Another picture of Old Mossback from Milo Winter:
Line-drawing of Old Mossback

Finally, here is a question I wonder if anyone can help me with. Who was the artist who made this amazing Turtle Island shield? I have seen it many places on the Web, always in a small low-quality format, but never with an attribution.
Turtle Island Shield

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nhpeacenik From: nhpeacenik Date: November 27th, 2009 08:44 pm (UTC) (Link)

:) got out my steel wool and comet... Steady, there... OWWWW! OK, Be all mossy if it makes you happy!
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