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A Night for Dreams - nhpeacenik
A Night for Dreams
I woke up in the middle of the night after dreaming I was in a circle of people at the top of a round barren hill being beaten by apartheid-era South African police with shamboks. I was bleeding and thought my arm had been broken. I woke up and found my arm was "asleep". I couldn't rmember the earlier part of the dream, but it had been an eventful and exhausting one.

When Denise woke up, she told of having just finished a computer program, told the boss it was done, and shipped it off to be fed into the card-reader (the last time she worked in the field, people still punched decks of IBM cards). The deck had gotten wet and jammed the machine, causing untold grief for all concerned and leaving her without a readable copy. In the dream, a friend told her to ask a certain friend of ours, who is in reality computer-illiterate but well-meaning, for help.

Oddly, Denise's dream sounded more like my own life, all about not getting things done on time and forgetting where I was. But the dream came to her... I wonder if my dream was supposed to be delivered to somebody else, too... perhaps the BFG was getting careless last night.

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