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Meet Your New Ruler, Deathbot - nhpeacenik
Meet Your New Ruler, Deathbot
In the middle stall of the men's room down the hall from the robotics lab is a drawing of a grim robot with the caption "Deathbot cares nothing for your puny organic processes."

I was tempted to add a line "Meet Your New Ruler, Deathbot, Inc.". With the recent supreme court decision making corporate personhood an explicitly accepted legal theory, we may soon have an immortal non-human corporate overlord sitting (figuratively) in the seats of power. Some say we do now. Such a ruler would naturally care nothing for human needs such as health care.

Utne Reader publisher David Schimke calls for all of us to stand up against the horrible policies the Obama administration seems to be embracing more fervently than the Republicans, asking that we do what Ralph Nader has been doing all his life rather than listen to his rhetoric. Nader, along with leading leftist intellectuals like Joe Bageant, says that there is no difference between the two parties. Bageant says both are run by the same "crime syndicate" [Deathbot, Inc.?]. Schimke thinks leftists and progressives need to push Obama and congress to stand up for programs that help flesh-and-blood people; not to stay decorously silent and let the "tea-party" hog the mikes all the time; to keep fighting in the long term and not to assume the battle was won or lost with the last election.

The anonymous blogger who writes for peaceteam.net and calls himself "the pen" says that the Democrats aim to "throw" the next two elections to the Republicans at the bidding of their corporate masters, sort of like a fixed boxing match. To do this, they have gutted the health care bill to such an extent that it really benefits only the insurance companies. Once passed, the popular revulsion for the effects of the bill will be so strong, according to this theory, that the Republicans will once again win at the federal and state level. If both parties are really working for the same non-organic life form, this makes perfect sense, since the policies favored by Republicans invariably favor the wealthy and corporations. "The Pen" too places faith in the power of the people to change the parties' courses by speaking up aggressively.

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