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We Want RESD Back Again (Mode 2) - nhpeacenik
We Want RESD Back Again (Mode 2)
Here are a couple of songs on the subject of saving RESD. One of them is recorded (after a fashion):


We Want RESD Again
(Tune: The Bulldog and the Bullfrog)

we want resd again
we want resd again
economics soc and histr'y  are nice
but we want resd again

inter disciplin ary
not inter depat mental
if everyone's got a
different department
it's just too fragmental


professors and students
in community
that's the  twist
in education:
liber a tory


Africans and Chinese
latinos and euros
anglos and indigenous
and on and on it goes

We Want RESD Back Again
(Tune: Will Ye No Come Back Again)

We want resd back again
We want resd back again
Finer community you never saw
we want resd back again

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