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April Fools Day for Corporations - nhpeacenik
April Fools Day for Corporations
It just struck me that this week we we have the first April Fools' day after the landmark Supreme Court decision that granted corporations full status as persons and full free-speech rights.

It should be a really really fun day, since practical jokes are considered a form of free speech and corporations can invest so much more than any mortal (I guess we'll have to bring that word back into fashion again, since it now not only distinguishes flesh-and-blood people from fairies and sprites, but also from corporations!) in the success of their practical jokes.

Suppose Shaws groceries packaged sugar in all their salt containers and salt in all their sugar containers on that day. I wouldn't put it past a corporation that mischievously fired 300 union warehouse workers last week and replaced them with permanent scabs off the street. That corporation really cracks me up!

Imagine typing "The Panda's Thumb" into Google and getting "Are you sure you didn't mean 'The Panderer's Bum'?" Type in "robot drone" and get back "Are you sure you didn't mean 'robber phone'?"You get the idea. For a day, all knowledge would accessible only to skilled punsters and the like.

And what will Microsoft do with the spell checker? Type in "They put on their gloves." and "their" would be underlined with the suggested word "there, bear, snare, thorough". Since nobody knows any of the rules of spelling and grammar anymore, not one dignifiied or correct passage would emerge on April 1.

Oh, unless you use Open Office.... I understand the Supreme Court said non-profits and NGOs didn't have full free speech rights. Yes, that would be a safe bet. Make Thursday April 1 you day to check out safe, honest nonprofit open-source software... maybe you'll never go back!
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