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Anais Mitchell and the Hadestown Orchestra in Marlboro VT - nhpeacenik
Anais Mitchell and the Hadestown Orchestra in Marlboro VT
We took a leisurely trip to the Marlboro College in the Green Mountains of south-central Vermont on Saturday and saw Anaïs Mitchell, Michael Chorney, and several of the brilliant musicians from the current production of her folk opera "Hadestown". While on the newly released CD Greg Brown sings Hades in his deep bass voice ,  Ani DiFranco sings Persphone and Justin Vernon sings Orpheus to Anaïs's Euridice, in Saturday's  production, Anaïs sang all the parts. The opening act was a young singer-songwriter and Marlboro alumna, Helen Hummell, accompanied by a fine saxophonist and drummer Toby LaRoche. For us aging Quakers and peaceniks who had traveled to see this show, the starting time was a bit late, but as soon as the opera began, all eyes and ears were riveted to the stage. I strongly recommend listening to the CD of this opera, and if you can make it to upcoming performances in Vermont, Rhode Island and at Passim in Boston, that you make some effort to do so! Some performances of the songs from the last year or so are available to watch on YouTube , mostly from Anaïs's British tour last year and from the previous production of the show. Once you have heard the songs and seen Anaïs perform some of them, you may want to know more of the background, and this blog entry is an excellent way to learn more about it. Since the story is based on two Greek myths ("Orpheus and Euridice" and "Hades and Persephone") and also includes elements of depression-era American culture along with echos of our current economic, social and ecological dilemmas, it reaches into our collective unconscious as psych-folk and as a brilliant artistic response to the forces of our emerging world order.

Winding down the treacherous night-time  mountain switchbacks toward Brattleboro, we found that the music we had just heard echoed through our heads and snatches of songs kept bursting out.
Anais Mitchell,Hadestown,Righteous Babe Records

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