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Jude Cowan's "Doodlebug Alley" - nhpeacenik
Jude Cowan's "Doodlebug Alley"

I recently reviewed Jude Cowan's fine, emotionally-engaging new album "Doodlebug Alley", which I heartily recommend, at last.fm. Last.fm has taken a big step away from being what it was by eliminating the full-track play feature, but it still has a salutary focus on connecting music, musicians, and fans, and it's a good place to post a review.

The review is at: http://www.last.fm/user/nhpeacenik/journal/2010/04/17/3kkurq_doodlebug_alley%2C_by_jude_cowan .

And here is a player that lets you sample some of her work:

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