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Christmas Day 2010 Pictures - nhpeacenik
Christmas Day 2010 Pictures
On Christmas Eve, Iona arrived by plane from Michigan the previous evening  and we all three managed to muster the energy to go to the Christmas-Eve-singing-silent-meeting-and-cookies gathering at the Quaker Meeting House in Jaffrey. Our friend Stacy from Greenville was there, and she brought her teenage daughter along to experience her first Quaker meeting. Margaret played the lap harp (and I played the pennywhistle from time to time) to accompany the singing. There was more to eat than we needed and a good time was had by all.

On Christmas day, I went down to Wayland to fetch Denise's mother. Every in-law and relative called in during the day. Here is a video and some pictures of what happened.

Here is a link to the pictures:

Denise and Gram talk on Christmas 2010

Gram (Betty Ruelius) at Jim and Denise's on Christmas 2010

Iona and Denise talk Christmas 2010

Jimmy Trying OUt The New Rocking Chair

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