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Reinstate Darcie and Lindolfo at CBA - nhpeacenik
Reinstate Darcie and Lindolfo at CBA

Lindolfo is a co-host in the Spanish language portion of "Thinking Out Loud" and Darcie is a long-time movement friend, whom I've known since the days of the "Footlocker Eight". They were both summarily fired from Lowell's unique nonprofit housing advocacy group The Coalition for a Better Acre (CBA). The CBA does both affordable-housing management and in-the-streets advocacy for affordable housing and other forms of justice for the  poor, the immigrant communities, and the other minorities that make up the bulk of Lowell's thriving urban population. The new director of the CBA brought in firing consultants (a.k.a. anti-union thugs) to handle the firing and try to get them to sign a paper agreeing not to talk to co-workers, the board or the press. They refused, and in the process turned down substantial severance pay offers. Now its up to us to see to it that their brave stand is not in vain. These two people are the dynamos behind the CBA's Saul Alinsky style street actions for justice; without them, th eorganization will be just another institutional landlord (or if things go downhill enough, slumlord).

Tomorrow is the day we show our solidarity, as the Board meets to consider their fate.





On June 12, CBA community organizers Lindolfo Carballo and Darcie Boyer were fired unjustly by CBA executive director Emily Weitzman Rosenbaum.


The CBA Board of Directors can return Darcie and Lindolfo to their jobs.


Join CBA members in supporting our Board of Directors as they restore

justice at CBA!


Thursday, June 28


At CBA– 517 Moody St 3rd floor


This struggle is for all of us!  CBA is the community!





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nhpeacenik From: nhpeacenik Date: June 29th, 2007 12:21 pm (UTC) (Link)

Update on Thursday's CBA Board Meeting

More than a hundred supporters of Lindolfo and Darcie crowded the CBA offices for nearly four hours Thursday night, including several Thinking Out Loud co-hosts, five Wobblies, lots of latinos and CBA tenants and of course the L and D. The Board ended up voting to uphold the firing. There was singing and chanting in the lobby while the Board was in executive session. What to do next is still being discussed... there is a Board election in a few months. Legal challenges are also possible.
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