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Open Letter to LiveJournal about the pre-login ads - nhpeacenik
Open Letter to LiveJournal about the pre-login ads
I just sent the following support request to LiveJournal, protesting the 30-second audiovisual advertisements that I must now watch before logging in:

As a paid user, I used to remain logged in continuously on my home computer. I don't remember ever seeing advertisements before logging in. Lately, there have been annoying intrusive video-audio advertisements every time I have to log in, and I seem to be automatically logged off if I have logged in on another computer since I last logged in on this one or have been away from livejournal for a day or more. Is there any way to stay logged in automatically on my home computer regardless of whether I have logged in on another computer?

If readers of my livejournal pages need to go through this 30-second audiovisual advertisement every time they visit, they will likely give up and stay away. Please don't force people to go through this torture.

I know you will say you have to do it to make ends meet, but I think you will see the number of new visitors to the site decline precipitously, and that this will mean a loss of revenue to LiveJournal in the long run.

Also, I will be embarrased to log in to LiveJournal at work, since the audio portion of the advertisement is audible to the others in the room where I work. I did not notice any way to turn off the audio.
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chordoflife From: chordoflife Date: January 21st, 2011 05:00 pm (UTC) (Link)
Thanks for doing this.. I got a paid membership from a friend and found this annoying.
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