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Trevisa's Fourth Marvel of Britain - nhpeacenik
Trevisa's Fourth Marvel of Britain
Around a great pond,
fed by sixty streams
and drained by one,
lie sixty prosperous farms,
between the farms
sixty rock promontories.
On each promontory
an eagle makes its nest.
Nearby is a salt pond
far from the sea;
from Monday dawn to Saturday noon
the pond is salty,
from Saturday noon to Monday dawn
sweet and fresh,
and another pond where,
if you face it
it drenches you;
if you face away
there is no drenching.
No stream fills or drains
a tiny knee-deep pond,
but in it live four kinds of fish.
These waters are the fourth
marvel of Britain.

-after John of Trevisa (1342-1402)

Marvel number 1: The blowhole of Pectoun, the Peak of Derbyshire
Marvel number 2: Sonehenge beside Saylesbury
Marvel number 3: The caverns under Cheddar
Marvel number 4: Magical waters, I know not where

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