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Four Trillion Dollars Worth of War? - nhpeacenik
Four Trillion Dollars Worth of War?
The negotiations on raising the US debt ceiling are reputedly settling on the prospect of cutting four trillion dollars from the US economy, and the one thing both sides agree on is that "entitlements" must bear the brunt of that cutting. Four trillion dollars is an inconceivable amount of money, and intuitively we understand that taking so much from medicaid, medicare and social security would hurt millions of people and literally kill many who are depending on these programs now or will be depending on them in the future.

But Wait! What have we spent about that much on lately? Warmaking!

A new study from Brown University finds that the true monetary costs of the post 9-11-2001 wars to the US approach four trillion dollars. What a coincidence! If those wars had not been put on the national "tab", we would not even be talking about a deficit problem now. It's certainly not excessive spending on the elderly and the poor (or education, or even the inflated heath system) that got us where we are.

We can't walk away from these costs, it's true, but one thing we CAN do is to stop our current warmaking and see to it that we raise sufficient revenue to pay down the debt and ensure a decent life for the majority of the population, which is non-wealthy, at the same time.

We need to raise sufficient tax revenue to cover the cost of the  interest and principal on these debts by rescinding all the Bush and Reagan era tax cuts for the wealthy and closing corporate tax loopholes We need to put our working-age population to work at genuinely useful life-affirming tasks that pay adequate (and taxed) incomes in a steady-state economy with neither increased debt loads, excessive income inequality nor  excessive consumption.

Democracy Now discusses the cost of the wars  For more information, see the Costs of War website

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chordoflife From: chordoflife Date: July 8th, 2011 10:08 pm (UTC) (Link)
The US Conference Of Mayors said the same things.
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