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A Good Death - nhpeacenik
A Good Death
A dear Friend, ninety years old
Has chosen a Good Death
Under her own Power
On her own Initiative.

In a Cottage with a neat little garden
She will slowly starve to Death
Fully engaged in Politics and Religion
To the End.

She remains herself
Laughing, arguing, driving around,
Hugging, Obsessing
To the End.

My Mom died, many years younger,
With neither mind nor body intact.
"If I get that way, just shoot me."
She'd said ten years earlier.
But I didn't.

And she hadn't shot her Dad
when he got "that way"

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Current Location: Greenville NH USA
Current Mood: challenged
Current Music: "And So Shall We Yet", Gordon Bok, Ann Mayo Muir, Ed Trickett

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