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The other part of last night's dream - nhpeacenik
The other part of last night's dream
I was one of four girls who were left to fend for themselves on the streets of Warwick, Rhode Island on a cold, slushy afternoon in the mid 1950s. We came to a place where an electric cable looped across the street and discovered that if we stepped on it at certain places, the juke-box loudspeaker in the spa on the corner would play a song. It played a different song, depending on where on the cable we stepped, and my favorite song was located where the slush was deepest. It took some courage to wade out and step there, and there was a sensation of electric tingling, but it was worth it for the satisfaction of hearing that song. Our respective parents had more-or-less abandoned us for the day and we were determined to amuse ourselves as cheaply as possible.

As we were getting cold and wet, we decided to go into the spa and get a grilled cheese sandwich and a lime rickey with four straws to share. We noticed that there was a box of old telephone directories on a shelf above our booth and asked if we could have some to start a fire in the wood cookstove in the housekeeping cabin our families had pooled resources to rent for the week, probably to attend an event at Rocky Point. The waitress said "Sure! But you're not from around here, though, are you?" It was true, we lived on the other side of the Bay and our accents were definitely not from "Wahvvik".
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