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Wonderful series on the English Folk Scene - Don't Miss It! - nhpeacenik
Wonderful series on the English Folk Scene - Don't Miss It!
My MySpace friend Lizzie Cornish, who is an outspoken advocate of the many young innovative folk musicians on the British folk music scene as well as a kind of historian of British traditions, musical and otherwise, has just started a new series of blog posts that I think some of the people who look at this blog may really appreciate. It's a serialized story (or maybe a novel, this is just the first installment and I'm already hooked :) A young woman and her family is forced by dire economic circumstances to take over a folk club/restaurant just down the road from Cecil Sharpe House in London for four years, and under the tutelage of the illiterate Cockney housekeeper at the club, learns how we are all a part of the folk community and how important it is to our freedom, even to our survival that  we loose the chains of the gatekeepers of the "Tradition" and do what people have always done with public domain works, i.e. build new works upon  them. It's funny and compelling writing, and it features Cockney Rhyming Slang! 

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