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McKenzie River Diary, Summer 1946, part 8 - nhpeacenik
McKenzie River Diary, Summer 1946, part 8
[ Reminder: this is a slow-motion transcription of my mother Bets' 1946 journal of her honeymoon journey down the wild McKenzie River in Canada's Northwest Territories with Louie, her somewhat eccentric dendrochronologist-archaeoloigist husband Louie, travelling on a shoestring with an unreliable outboard, which they called a "kicker". In the course of this journey, I was to get my start in life as a different kind of "kicker" within the journal's author. ]

June 22, 1946

Never saw so much game at one time on our trip! Ducks galore, terns seagulls, owls, a fox, loons, lots of swallows dipping over the water. Louie got some fine old trees - couldn't get the full record because they are always rotten in the center when 500 years old or so. Going was slow with the kicker cranky and the river winding, so we could look across a mud-bar and see where we'd been fifteen minutes before. Lots of animal noises in the bush... varied thrush and other birds. Passed two sets of Indians' log houses. Some had sod and grass on the roof, arials,  high caches made of logs,  dogs staked out in front on the edge of the high bank, and canoes pulled up on the mud beach. A big boat went past us as we struggled in the wind on a bend, the kicker not working. They offered us a tow, which Louie happily declined. Bored some good trees. By 9:30 p.m. wew were 30 some river miles from Aklavik, 14 miles airline about.  We looked for a spot that had good trees and where we could land and unload without sinking out of sight in mud. We were still looking when midnight arrived.

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