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The Archaeologist Story - A Family Tale (part 2) - nhpeacenik
The Archaeologist Story - A Family Tale (part 2)
[to see all parts of the story try this link: 
"Don't be afraid... we're archaeologists and we're digging up your house...", the male archaeologist said, trying to comfort Iona.

"Digging up my house?!", the bewildered girl replied.

"Yes, your house was buried by volcanic ash and you and your family have slept for a thousand years."

Since her grandfather had been an archaeologist, this potentially shocking news made sense to the girl. Calm but thoughtful now, Iona looked down at the table, where a housefly lay on its side. She absent-mindedly touched it with her finger and instantly it buzzed into flight. Apparently whoever had been trapped by the volcano would awaken when exposed to normal air and lightly touched. She gently tapped her mother on the shoulder. Denise awoke with a start and apologized for having dozed off, wiping a dollop of hummus from her plate that had clung to her cheek. Then she noticed the visitors. Taking a cue from her daughter's apparent familiarity with these strangely-clad visitors, she said, "Hello! You must have come in while I was sleeping. I'm Denise." She held out her hand to the woman from her future, who reciprocated warmly.

Iona quickly explained, "These are archaeologists who are digging up our house. There was a volcano and it buried our house and we've slept for a thousand years."

Denise was a bit slower than her daughter in taking in this news, but her right hand was still in the warm grasp of the visitor, and Iona quickly grabbed her left hand to reassure her as she took in the situation. "Jimmy's still asleep." she noted.

Iona released her mother's hand and gently tapped her father on the shoulder. He lifted his head from the plate with a start and said, "I must have fallen asleep. Am I late for work?" Then he noticed the visitors. Iona quickly informed him of the situation they were in, and, having been a science-fiction fan in his youth, he comprehended at once.

Looking around the kitchen, the male archaeologist silently took in the vast treasure-trove of rare ancient objects.. what were those called ... "books". Some of them seemed to be about cooking, some about music, some about the quaint ancient preoccupation called "religion". Hanging on the wall above the stove was a rack of ancient "cooking utensils". In the modern world, there was no need for such things, since food now came ready-to-eat from trees. Plumbing and electric fixtures, things no one had seen for centuries.

In order to find their way in the house, the archaeologists had used their portable lights, but they now realized that they could make this ancient house, this ancient machine for living, come alive. The woman archaeologist found an electrical outlet and stuck two electrodes into it from hr tiny ambient generator unit. The lights an appliances blinked and groaned into life.

... to be continued

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