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Bewilderment at the Election Results - nhpeacenik
Bewilderment at the Election Results
One of my favorite political radio commentators, Arnie Arnesen, was caught on film in a state of bewilderment at yesterday's New Hampshire Democratic Primary result. It seems to me there must be something very flawed about the model that professional pollsters are using if they can fail so badly. This video just says it all.

My candidate, Dennis Kucininch,  didn't get enough votes to garner convention delegates, but his ideas have, in fact, permeated the race. For example, even Hillary is sounding a rhetorical challenge to the insurance and drug industries and talking about bringing home the troops, rather than just saying "experience!" the way Giuliani says "nine-eleven!".

People I know who are politically active showed up at the Greenville polls Tuesday saying they still didn't know how they'd vote. I'm still trying to sort it out myself; I mumbled something incoherent on the air this morning.

If you have a TV that picks it up, it would be worth hearing what pollster John Zogby has to say on the "Daily Show" tonight. If not, you might want to read the explanation on his website, which, if less humorous than the Daily Show, nevertheless shows a bewilderment similar to Arnie's.

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