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Homemade musical instruments - nhpeacenik
Homemade musical instruments
A discussion with my friend witchwife about appalachian dulcimers got me thinking about homemade instruments. I have built homemade cardboard  dulcimers that are more than satisfactory from kits.  There is also a good book that gives patterns for building a variety of homemade instruments. You may think a cardboard instrument would sound sort of thunky and dull, but you'd be wrong. The sound is crisp and strong.

I found this article in my father's 1919 Book of knowledge on how to build a one-stringed violin. Of course, 50-cigar cigar boxes are probably not as easily obtained nowadays as they were in 1919, and you probably couldn't get a carpenter to do prep work for you for a quarter, but otherwise, the plan looks like it could work, and a cardboard sound box might be even better than a cigar box.

1919 Book of Knowledge aricle on homemade violin, page 1

Violin article page 2

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