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I have a feeling we're at a watershed now - nhpeacenik
I have a feeling we're at a watershed now
It feels like what happens early this spring will have disproportionately large effects on the future of the world we all inhabit.

Decisions on a disastrous war with Iran are being made right now. Fear-based dictatorship is battling with community-based anarcho-democracy everywhere. Global warming will either be tackled or put definitively onto a disaster-bound course. Religious divisions and strife will take a larger and larger toll or universal spirituality will come to be practiced and celebrated more and more. Corporate money will shut down the lifelines we have opened in the worlds of the internet, music and the media, OR we will keep those lifelines open by the strength of our commitment to each other and the clarity of our understanding.

This statement is not based on a single incident, but on the cumulative mental and emotional effects of the messages I've (and you've) been receiving and sending. All aspects of the watershed phenomenon are connected together: what our "leaders" end up doing to the world and the environment is intimately related to the renaissance of creativity in music, design and spirituality. Every day brings ten new surprises.

While the political dimension of this watershed may seem to loom larger (Congress is deciding on two wars, communications and digital rights, greenhouse gas regulations social security funding and constitutional rights all at the same time that a presidential primary race is going on), the real determining factor will be the cultural and spiritual changes that are accelerating all over the world. Make music together, keep in touch with your congress-folk, get down to your local peace vigil or go on a retreat with your neighbors or share your thought and insights with on-line friends. Whatever you do now, do it with an intensity that befits the birth of a new era. Envision the shape of that new era and lay its foundations now.

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